Rack Forklift Truck | Junior-T 1000 - 1500 kg

Rack Forklift Truck | Junior-T 1000 - 1500 kg

  • Offers Three-directional Loading
  • Accommodates Aisles Only 1480 mm Wide can effective use of work space, greatly increase of storage capacity

Advanced Electric Turret Head

  • Increased stability
  • Energy saving
  • More Comfortable Operation

More Comfortable Operation

  • A display that’s easierto view outdoors
  • The Eco switch contributes to increased energy-efficiency.
  • Operation characteristics customizing system
  • Low floor height
  • New pedal incorporating a presence switch
  • Operation Interlock System (OIS)
  • Passcode entry (optional)

Safer, More Secure Operation

  • Automatic lifting stop function for secure loading (optional)
  • A variety of operator-centred safety devices