Quality that DELIVERS exceptional SMART and STRENGTH

Made to travel light with a little added ERGONOMIC feel, the MLIFT PBP15E2 is an all rounder truck capable of handling 1.5 Tonnes load capacities with improved engineering to allow quick access to the truck internal components for hassle-free quick maintenance or troubleshooting purposes.

Also fitted with a standard pin code access feature, the PBP1 5E2 combines great versatility with its new sleek outlook design suitable to accomplish almost all warehouse applications. Experience its SIMPLE, yet PRODUCTIVE ability that aims to devote its strength to help businesses to accomplish daily taskings with ease.

Standard Battery Discharge Indicator

  • LED display of the truck status - Battery level, On/Off status, Running Hours and Fault Code
  • Automatically limit truck performance if the battery level hits 20% or below

Detachable Battery Access Plate

  • Quick access front battery cover to facilitate direct assess to the maintenance free batteries for inspection or replacement purpose *Option is available for bigger battery size up to 85Ah

Ergonomic Handling

  • DC operated truck with full electric lifting/lowering and traction
  • Multifunctional electronic control handle enhance operator confidence to operate the truck with ease

Fully Enclosed Protective Drive Cover

  • To protect operator foot from getting caught under the drive wheel upon operating

Improved Serviceability and Harness Layout

  • To protect operator foot from getting caught under the drive wheel upon operating
  • Quick plug in fault diagnostic CURTIS operated system helps to diagnose and resolve fault symptoms and reduce the overall truck downtime

KEY productivity Options:

  • Pattern profile drive tire to enhance grip on wet surface
  • Pallet entry assists rollers
  • Capacity:1.5t