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The PBP18E is the latest in line truck model that combines powerful AC powered traction operating in tandem with the use of lead acid-free batteries creates an exceptional performance to empower operators to last higher results.

Equipped with a compact chassis and light steering effort, the PBP18E offers increased productivity which makes it an excellent choice to operate in most challenging space,i.e., on-board trailer. Available in 1.8 Tonnes nominal capacity handling, the PBP18E is bound to delight you with its quality that never QUIT!

Maintenance free AC Drive Motor

  • High endurance travelling speed up to 6km/hr
  • Powerful 1.1kW rated AC drive motor makes it ideal for overcoming steep gradient ramp operation

Easy Battery Access

  • Simple battery extraction design allows quick access to conduct quick inspection or replacement of batteries
  • *Option is available for bigger battery size up to 120Ah

On board charging

  • Installed with a standard 15 Amp built-in charger allows convenient charging of batteries at anywhere and anytime.

Standard Battery Discharge Indicator

  • LED display of the truck status - Battery level, On/Off status, Running Hours and Fault Code
  • Automatically limit truck performance if the battery level hits 20% or below

Full Protective Cover

  • Helps to protect truck components from external elementsis a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor application
  • Hassel free design to remove the protective covers quickly without the need to use any special tools

Easy Serviceability

  • AC ZAPI operated system allows quick plug-in fault diagnosis help to reduce the truck downtime
  • Fast setting and easy customization of the truck parameters


  • Fully integrated control buttons enhance ease of control over the electric lifting and lowering of forks with up to 115mm lift height
  • Standard casters wheels to increase the truck overall sideways stability

KEY productivity Options:

  • Vertical handler for tight aisle operation
  • Cold conditioner package up to -20°C
  • Pattern profile drive tire to enhance grip on wet surface
  • Non-marking drive tire
  • Pallet entry assists rollers
  • Capacity:1.8t