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Specifically built to handle awide variety of pallet sizes, the SBP12E/SBP12EAS is an ideal warehouse solution that exists in either straddle, and non-straddle legs version can be easily deployed for moderate duration usage or use in areas that has limited ceiling height restrictions. 

Capable of lifting up to a maximum lift height of 3.6 meters, the TINZY SBP12EAS is the lightest truck model among the SBP series proves to justify for its cost effectiveness and empowers the operator to Lift with TRUST!

Quality Protection

  • Fully enclosed protective covers protects the truck from direct element corrosions or damage to the internal electric components
  • Quality AMP connectors and durable electrical wiring enhance the overall truck reliability and avoid malfunction from electrical failure
  • Automatic speed reduction featurewhen the forks exceeds the preset lifting height
  • Standard clear mast guard protects the operator from suffering physical injury resulted from component failure or mishandling

Ergonomic Handling

  • Integrated control buttons allow operator to control both travelling and electric lifting and to lower of forks simultaneously with ease
  • LED display of the truck status - Battery level, On/Off status, Running Hours and Fault Code
  • Various adjustable straddle legs to accommodate different pallet sizes

Automatic Lift Limitation

  • Automatically cuts off the lift function if the battery level hits 20% or below

Easy Charging

  • Equipped with a standard 10 Amp built-in charger helps to facilitatecharging of batteries

KEY productivity Options:

  • Mono-lift mast with up to 2 meters for specialized low lift operation
  • Larger battery capacity up to 120Ah
  • Variable fork width selection up to 685mm (*Applies to SBP12E only)
  • Pattern profile drive tire to enhance grip on wet surface

Easy Battery Assess

  • Quick access to the batteries compartment to conduct quick inspection or replacement of batteries without using complicated tools *Option is available for bigger battery size up to 120Ah
  • Capacity:1.2