Be in CONTROL of DIVERSE applications & MULTIPLE shifts

Available in 1.2 Tonnes, the NSP12EAS series is a well-balanced truck capable of performing multiple work cycles and allow delicate lift up to a maximum 4.5 meters stacking height. Built with careful engineering considerations that capitalize on ergonomic factor, this series is endowed to handle various load type of different sizes and various application possibilities.

The chassis is deliberately built with lowered structure to enhance the overall truck stability and overcome most challenges posed in tight spaces. Regardless of working indoor or on docks, the NSP12EAS series is the best qualified medium duty truck, attributed to its superb electromagnetic brake design, is proficient to be deployed for use for use in any situation even moving on ramps.

Easy Maintenance & Improved Reliability

  • Removable one piece power head cover allows for easy maintenance
  • Robust & maintenance free AC traction motor allows smooth travel transition from point to point
  • Plug in diagnostics shorten time required for troubleshooting
  • AMP connectors and durable electrical harnesses for greater reliability
  • Standard battery discharge indicator (*indicates operating hours, battery level and error code)

Operator Safety

  • Automatic travel speed reduction when the forks are lifted above the height setting
  • Fully adjustable straddle legs to suit different cargo dimension
  • Dependable hydraulic system when the forks are lifted above the height setting
  • Safe hydraulic system design prevents mast from dropping abruptly due to sudden loss of hydraulic pressure or hydraulic leaks
  • Full electromagnetic brakes keeps the truck steady on ramp movement and prevents it from rolling backward
  • Automatic lift lock function ensures the mast maintain its original lift position even when there is a sudden disconnection of power supply
  • Automatic limit truck performance when the remaining power is left with 20% battery charge

Quick Battery Change

  • Battery drop down design facilitates changing of battery more proficiently and also with easy access to the battery water refilling point

Multifunctional Controls

  • Standard Pin-Code entry with second level password setting limits unauthorized usage of truck
  • Multifunctional control handle allow the operator to multitask lifting/lowering of the mast while travelling
  • Creep speed mode automatically decreases the truck travel speed when the tiller arm is at near vertical position

MORE productivity Options:

  • Enhanced free lifting: Free lift up to 1200mm for 2 stage mast
  • High capacity battery: 2404h (4 X 6V Maintenance Free Batteries)
  • Cold room package: To work in -20 Degree Celsius cold room condition
  • Capacity:1.2t