Be the aisle MASTER of your own


Embrace the revolutionary truck that pairs both DYNAMIC handling and SUPERIOR MOBILITY advantage to OUTPERFORM any ordinary stacker truck, the latest BRAZOS series SBX12EA/SBX15EA - scissors reach stacker is the perfect aisle solution specially built to optimize individual racking spaces with added precisions to stack loads faster and safer!

Capable of lifting up to a maximum lift height of 5.5 meters, and travel at a top speed of 6km/h, the SBX12EA/SBX15EA is competent to achieve higher throughput cycles with the choice of an added foldable platform to supplement productivity with comfort.

Operator Safety

  • Automatic travel speed reduction when the forks are lifted above the height setting
  • Dependable hydraulic system prevents mast from dropping abruptly due to sudden loss of hydraulic pressure or hydraulic leaks
  • Full electromagnetic brakes provides enhanced braking effect with anti-rollback function even when travelling and stopping on steep ramps
  • Automatic lift lock will lock the mast at its last lift position if there is a sudden disconnection of power supply
  • Sturdy scissors reach design with added cushions to absorb shocks upon extending and retraction of forks movement
  • Automatic lift cut off activates when the remaining power hits critical 20% or below battery charge

Improved Reliability & Maintenance

  • Quick access to the internal key components for inspection, maintenance, and replacement via loosening four securing bolts
  • Robust & maintenance free AC traction motor allows smooth travel transition from point to point
  • Plug in diagnostics shorten time required for troubleshooting
  • AMP connectors and durable electrical harnesses for greater reliability
  • Enhanced heat dissipating design to suit long time operation and protect components from overheating
  • Standard Battery discharge indicator (*Indicates operating hours, battery level and error code)

Quick Battery Change

  • Battery drop down design facilitates changing of battery more proficiently and also with easy access to the battery water refilling point

Multifunction Controls

  • AC power steering as a standard feature provides effortless steering experience and relieve operator from long hours physique fatigue
  • Compact tiller head with integrated controls allow the operator to multitask lifting/lowering of the mast while travelling
  • Standard proportional valve allows precise and smooth handling of the loads more efficiently
  • Standard tilt function to increase load handling stability

KEY productivity Options:

  • Various wide baselegs opening options:36"/42748" (*On special request to suit wide pallet handling)
  • Cold room package: To work in -20 Degree Celsius cold room condition
  • High capacity battery:280Ah/360Ah
  • Integral side shifter