UNPARALLED resilience to endure UNBEATABLE toughness

Robust and durable, the TBS-EA series is a sit-down drive version specifically tailored to exceed expectations that compose of longer drive endurance and remarkable vigor qualities to haul cargo goods that can last for at least a single work shift per charge.

Available in either 3.0T or 6.0T chassis, the TBS-EA series allows the operator to shuttle through both indoor and outdoor environment easily without needing to fear the ground conditions as the truck is built with a higher ground clearance to overcome common gradient obstacles.

Capable of travelling up to a maximum towing speed of 9.5km/hr, the TBS-EA is an optimal choice to satisfy TOUGH requirements while accomplishing SAFE operation round the clock.

Quick Battery Change

  • Side battery loading design allows the battery to be interchanged easily

High Performance AC drive system

  • Smooth travel speed control up to 17km/hrl at unladen condition
  • Competitive and powerful rated AC drive motor performance

Smooth Controls

  • Standard Battery discharge indicator (*Indicates operating hours, battery level and error code)
  • Electric power steering with short control handle offers effortless steering to relieve the operator from fatigue

Improved Reliability & Maintenance

  • Quick release tow pins facilitate unlocking & locking of the tow hook easily
  • Heavy duty hood offers protection for the motors against possible impacts, and minimal water ingression resulted from light showers
  • Robust & maintenance free AC traction motor allows smooth travel transition from point to point
  • IP54 ZAPI AC controller offers better protection against water & dust ingression
  • High-quality AMP connectors and durable electrical harnesses

Safe for operating

  • Safety seat switch ensures operator to remain seated before starting the truck
  • Electromagnetic braking system keeps the truck steady on-ramp movement and prevents it from rolling backward
  • Mechanical hand brakes bring the truck to a full stopping motion with brakes constantly engaged
  • Standard combination lights ensure sufficient forward illumination and alert nearby pedestrians to keep clear
  • Standard walk beside buttons allows the operator to perform fine adjustment to align the rear tow eye position
  • Optional partial enclosed cabin keeps the operator out of the light rain condition

1Only applicable for TBS60EA

2A standard feature for TBS30EA and optional for TBS60EA