Rough Terrain Crane

Rough Terrain Crane

RT 25/50/50A/60/60A


Developed jointly by Chinese and German engineers, it leads the industry
technology tendency. With advanced design concept introduced, perfect product is built
with the longest boom, highest lifting capacity and power performance compared with
products in the same class.


Three operating modes: superior performance of operation on outriggers, which is
not less than that for truck crane in a stationary site; unique performance of operation on
tires makes it easy to complete the job what truck crane could not finish when it is
difficult to deploy outriggers in a confined site; powerful pick and carry capacity makes
fast operation of lifting and transferring load. It is suitable for lifting and transferring
operation in oil patch, storage, goods yard, dock and logistic base, etc.


Two driving modes: forward and reverse driving function contributes to fast
transferring within a site or from a site to another; four electro-proportional steering
modes combined with min. turning radius of 6.1m offers unmatched maneuverability in
a confined space. Specialized off-road tires and super power system ensure favorable
off-road capacity, suitable for applications in various adverse sites.


Cummins electronically controlled engine (off-road: EU Stage IIIA/U.S EPA
Tier 3), xcmg automatic transmission, KESSLER axles are matched optimally, contributing
to distinguished power performance; the hydraulic system from Rexroth designed for
the product has good applicability and reliability; CAN bus control system, fault
diagnostic system and warning devices ensure safe and efficient operation.


It is provedto be safe and reliable by thousands of lifting operation tests,
comprehensive system tests and 4000 km driving test.


All-weather cab has a wide field of view and sliding doorsaving space and
facilitating operation. It is spacious and comfortable due to ergonomic inner design.


Swing, rigidly lockable hydraulic suspension technology: the shock absorption
function of rear suspension may be performed through the swing mechanism and
suspension cylinder when driving on roads, consequently road shock is buffered and
travel smoothness is improved; the rear suspension cylinder may be locked to rigid state
so as to meet the requirement for travel with a load suspended; during operation of crane
on tires, when the turntable is turned over ±3°, suspension system may automatically
switch over to rigid state, operation safety is ensured.


Switch over of wheel turning direction: when the vehicle is driving while the
turntable is turned over 90°, the control system will send a signal through the position
sensor fitted on the turntable for controlling the hydraulic change valve between the
steering wheel and the change cylinder of front axle. And then the vehicle drives in
reverse direction, and the rotating direction of the steering wheel is the same as that for
forward driving.


Automatic low pressure brake technology: with full hydraulic double circuit disc
brake fitted, the brake is engaged automatically when the pressure in braking system is
lower than the setting, thus driving safety is insured.