Concrete Truck Mixer

Concrete Truck Mixer

The heavy-duty truck design concept is adopted, and the high-strength connecting bolts are arranged, and the connection is reliable and durable; the mixing drum is made of high-strength wear-resistant material, and the frame is made of high-strength steel, which has stronger carrying capacity and long service life;

The whole vehicle adopts no sub-frame structure, the center of gravity is 100mm lower than the ordinary car, and the driving is more stable and safe; the front suspension is equipped with a horizontal stabilizer bar, and the rear suspension adopts a unique main and secondary spring structure, and the anti-rolling ability is strong;

The front and rear axles adopt enlarged and widened brakes, and the braking distance of the whole vehicle is shorter; the synchronous design of the upper chassis and the simulation of the multi-function calculation of the upper loading and the chassis are supplemented by the reliability test of the prototype 10,000 km to ensure safety and reliability;

The national four-emission engine, 180 horsepower, strong power; sophisticated technical matching, fuel-saving and environmental protection; increased flow air filter, optimized intake resistance, filtration efficiency is 30% higher than ordinary mixers;

Closed hydraulic system, easy to operate, easy to achieve stepless speed regulation, high efficiency, small reversing impact force; minimum turning diameter of 16m, flexible turning, convenient access; vertical structure headlights, beautiful atmosphere, wider range of illumination ;

Engineering vehicle professional rearview mirror, wider cab vision; 170L aluminum alloy large-capacity fuel tank, long cruising range; high-efficiency flushing system, large-capacity water tank, pneumatic water supply, freely flushable.